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Electric bikes from Wisper

Wisper Torque range

The Wisper Torque range of electric bikes utilise a new hybrid torque drive system (torque and cadence sensors) which has been specifically designed to deliver maximum power to the bike's rear wheel smoothly, quietly and efficiently. The almost completely silent, powerful Wisper Torque ebike drive system creates a perfectly natural riding experience.

705 Torque step-through

705 Torque step-through

from £1649.00

The stylish step-through frame is an adaptable unisex design that meets the needs of lots of different riders and provides a great (virtually silent) riding experience, whether you're commuting through busy city streets or simply hitting the open road. Designed with the addition of an oversized down tube for improved stiffness and rigidity, the 705 Torque Step-through is Wisper's best selling multi-purpose bike.
705 Torque step-through

806 Torque folding bike

from £1649.00

The 806 Torque Folding Bike is Wisper's go to bike for any cyclist that is mindful of space or likes to travel with their bicycle. Whether you enjoy camping, caravanning, boating holidays or you have a need to stow your bike away at your place of work or at home then the 806 Torque folding bike is the perfect solution.

Additionally, with its very low step over height, easily adjustable saddle and telescopic handlebar position, the Wisper 806 is very accessible for the smaller rider, whilst also catering for the taller rider. This compact ebike provides an environmentally friendly form of transport that is cheap to run and ideal for navigating city streets or country lanes.
705 Torque step-through

905 Torque crossbar bike

from £1649.00

We have designed the 905 Torque Crossbar with greater rigidity for a slightly stiffer and more responsive ride. Its sleek and stylish looks combined with sturdy tyres and lock out forks ensure that the 905 Torque is the perfect hybrid option to provide riders with hours of enjoyment on the road and trails.

Wisper SE Ebike range

Wisper's range of SE ebikes use many of the same high end components, found in the Wisper Torque bikes. We we use exactly the same frames, all with a 10 year warranty. The Wisper SE electric bike range has been designed to be stylish, easy to use, lightweight and very affordable.

705 SE step-through

705 SE step-through 26'' or 24''

from £1249.00

Based on the Wisper 705 Torque model, the SE is well styled and features a very adaptable unisex design - that provides a great all around riding experience and represents excellent value for money. The Step-through is Wisper's go to bike for most riders and the perfect choice for shopping, commuting or long country rides. NEW For shorter riders the 705se is available with 24'' wheels.
806 SE folding bike

806 SE folding bike

from £1249.00

Our SE folding bike is based on the Torque version, utilising the same frame, handle bar stem? and locking mechanisms. The SE folding bike is the perfect option for avid campers, caravaners, boating enthusiasts or for those with restricted storage space. With their very low step over height the 806 SE is also ideal for the rider smaller in stature, however the extensive adjustment range on the seat-post and handle bar stem means the bike can be modified for even the tallest member of the family.
905 SE crossbar bike

905 SE Crossbar

from £1249.00

The Wisper 905 SE Crossbar is a real thoroughbred. Based on the Wisper 905 Torque, the SE exudes style while providing greater rigidity to produce a responsive and lightweight riding experience. Wisper's 905 SE is the perfect hybrid option promising riders hours of enjoyment both on the roads and gravel trails.

Wisper E mountain bike range

The Wisper eMTB range was launched in September 2017 at the UK Cycle Show at the NEC. Over 300 people test rode the bikes, the vast majority proclaiming them the best eMTB they had ever ridden.

Wildcat carbon e-mountain bike

Wildcat carbon

from £3,999.00 (Spring sale price - reduced from £5,799

The Wisper Wildcat C is the ultimate ride for the serious mountain biker. The unique UD carbon frame gives an effective balance between power transfer and comfort when it comes to tearing up the trails as it comes with all the latest technology available.
Wolf carbon e-mountain bike

Wolf carbon

from £3,399.00 (Spring sale price - reduced from £4,899

The Wisper Wolf C Is the perfect hardtail eMTB to tame your favourite trails and let you feel every twist and turn with our UD carbon frame that gives you that perfect balance between comfort and power transfer
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